Who Am I?

Hello, wonderful people! Thank you for joining me on this blog! This post is just a little bit about who I am and what I am looking for in my YAV year.

Some basic facts about me include that I am a recent high school graduate of Chatham Hall, a boarding school about four hours away from my family and home city of Asheville, NC. For the past couple years, I have found myself extremely passionate about the work of ensuring that LGBTQ+ people feel welcome AND affirmed in the church, and as a child of God. I am a techie, a leader, and a singer. At this moment in life, I would love to attend seminary and get ordained to become a pastor. However, I still have a while before I really need to think about that step in my life.

In my free time I love to read, play board games, take walks, babysit, wash dishes, and listen to music. As a YAV, I am most excited to learn how to act out my faith by living and working alongside wonderful partners in Tucson. I am looking forward to seeing how God pushes and challenges me this year, encouraging me to grow in new ways.

I would love to welcome you to be a part of my journey this year by praying for me, encouraging me, and helping me to meet my $4000 fundraising goal. If you would like to contribute financially, you can donate online by going to: https://donorbox.org/emma-m. Or, checks can be made out to Tucson Borderlands YAV and be sent to

Tucson Borderlands YAV

400 E University

Tucson, AZ 85705

I am looking forward to being in new communities in Tucson and being challenged in many different ways. Thank you for walking with me this year!


One Day ‘Til Graduation

Four years have come and gone so quickly. I have had the privledge of attending a boarding school for my high school years. My classes were never larger than 18 girls, and that was only one year. Every year I had an advisory that became as close as family, along with our phenomenal advisor.

I am graduating with 47 other wonderful girls. They are amazing. Everyone is so independent and isn’t afraid to let their opinion be known. All 48 of us are off to do different things and become who we think we want to be. 

I recently got my flight confirmation for my flight to Newark, NJ for orientation of the YAV program, as well as my flight from Newark to Phoenix, AZ, followed by a flight to Tucson to begin my year of service! That was very exciting to see. It was a reminder that I’m actually doing this.

I am sitting here the day before I graduate looking at my nearly empty dorm room. The Chatham Hall door is closing, while I’m beginning a new adventure in Tucson. Chatham Hall has been a wonderful place and community to call home for the past four years and I am so grateful that I had a place here. But, I am ready to move on and go see what else is out in the world and what else I can do to make a difference.